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ALLSA 2017 Presentations

Dr A Burdzik - Occupational Dermatitis
Dr A Laher - An Unusual Case of Successful Desensitization in a Patient with an Atypical Presentation of Salicylate Hypersensitivity Intolerance
Dr C Hlela - Skin Manifestations
Dr C Hlela - Wet Wraps
Dr C Gray - Biologics in Allergy
Dr C Gray - Breastfeeding and Allergies
Dr C Gray - Overview of Food-related Adverse Reactions
Dr D Ntshalintshali - Hereditary Angioedema Type 1 in Zululand
Dr Holtzhausen - More than Skin Deep - Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and Hereditary Angioedema
Dr K Meintjies - A Model for PHC Management of Childhood Atopic Eczema
Dr K Pillai - Allergic Disorders in Mauritius
Dr Royal - Scaly Skin a Fishy Story
Dr S Karabus - When its not an itch
Dr S Adams - Compensation for Occupational Allergies
I Van Zyl - Practical Advice & Resources in Managing Pediatric Allergies
L Archibald - Durham - Allergy Focused History Taking
Prof A El-Marsafy - Clinical Approach to CID
Prof A El-Marsafy - Intiating IGG Replacement
Prof C Feldman - The Ethics of Antibiotic Use, AMS and Antibiotic resistance
Prof E Vardis - Are Rapid Over The Counter Allgery Tests Accurate and Safe
Prof E Weinberg - Children with Multiple Allegic Conditions (MAC)
Prof G Richards - Asthma ACOS COPD phenotypes
Prof G Richards - Probiotics Allergic Rhinitis
Prof J Warner - Allergic Care Pathways
Prof J Warner - Evolving Gut Microbiome
Prof M Jeebhay - Occupational Asthma and Rhinitis
Prof M Levin - Interactions Between Barrier Dysfunction and Microbiome
Prof M Esser - IRT Monitoring
Prof Ress - A Case of Hyper IgM Syndrome
Prof Ress - Clinical Faces of Antibody Deficiency
Prof Ress - The Highs & Lows of IgG
Prof R Green - Outsourcing Immunity to Our Microbiome
Prof S King - Anaphylaxis
S Watkins - Allergy Prevention